Download DragonCity ► “Join our Tournament and fight for a good cause, download Dragon City for free and show that you care” #DragonCityCharity Hey guys so I tried to do the mannequin challenge in agario, of coruse this whole video is not a real gameplay , I edited it to look like that. Anyway I… Read More »

Mentor Beerus Master Quest Training – Dragon Ball Xenoverse

All the masters quests and trials for Mentor God of Destruction Beerus in Dragon Ball Xenoverse! The purpose of doing master quests and training with Beerus is so you can learn his attacks like the Sphere of Destruction for your created character. There is no specific place you can find him, his appearance is random… Read More »

Cars at the Castle – Intro to Grindstaff Castle

The beautiful Ferraris, Audis, Lamborghinis, McLarens, Porsches, Jags, and Bentleys are all on display at the Cars at the Castle event held at the former Grindstaff castle in Johnson City TN benefitting the Bristol Motor Speedway Children’s Charity. HarperDealerships.com

Human Mobile Stage 89A, 2015 Chau Biu Banquet, Lion Dance Kung Fu,

Human Mobile Stage No. 89A (2碟2膊醒狮表演 No.89A), The Celebration of 41th anniversary of establishment and 42th Staffs Inauguration of (our Association) Chung Oi Chau Biu Martial Art Sports Association and Chau Biu Anniversary Banquet Party. And it was also anniversary memorial of Death of Master Chau Biu. Banquet time: 2nd MAY 2015 (Chinese Lunar date… Read More »

Unboxing del premio Nobel de la Paz

El conocido premio nobel de la paz, tiene un trasfondo mucho más oscuro de lo que su nombre parece indicar, entregado a algunos personajes e instituciones que demostraron antes y después hacer poca gala de pacíficos; ya su propio creador, no está exento de polémica, ya que fue un tipo cuya vida no estaba marcada… Read More »