Tuber Tournament – Charity Event – Dragon City

Hey Dragon Masters! Get ready for our new event called the “”Tuber Tournament””! We grabbed some of your favourite Youtubers and put them into teams to battle it out for their chosen charity! The teams are: CEREAL KILLERS: which is PrestonPlayz, Lachlan and ExplodingTNT DISCO NINJAS: which is Jumbo, xboxaddictionz and Callux CEREAL KILLERS chose… Read More »

Dragon City – Rune Dragon [Exclusive VIP Dragon | Only 20$]

∎ Dragon City – Galatic Island | Upcoming Quest ∎ • Rune Dragon – History holds secrets from us, secrets that very few people and creatures know. The answers to these are written all over the Rune Dragon’s body, but to discover them, you’ll have to master him and learn to read the signs. •… Read More »

Dragon City – Fighting Battle + Leagues 273 [Full Missions & Boss]

∎ Dragon City | Heroic Races: High-guardian ∎ • High Guardian Dragon : High Guardian Dragon This creature isn’t made of flesh & bone, but of circuits & steel. The High Guardian Dragon is equipped with the best security technology, so you can leave your most precious belongings with him: He will keep them safe.… Read More »

Dragon City – Random Fight [Full Combat & Skills 2016]

∎ Dragon City – Full Combat & Skills 2016 | Completed ∎ • High Tidal Dragon – Heroic Dragons evolve to their young stage at level 10 and become adults at level 20. The High Tidal Dragon can control the tides from the seafloor. That is how powerful he is! He can also shift sea… Read More »